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Improving the Responsiveness and Efficiency of Public Sector’s Information Provision for government services in Mongolia

The “Mid-term strategy for ICT development”, ratified by the 233rd Act of the Government of Monglia on November 20, 2002, emphasises fast-tracking Mongolia’s conversion to e-governance through implementing a platform of hardware, software, and electronic applications and services, as well as a policy framework. The goal of this subproject is to  model  government information services delivery to citizenry,  by researching  citizens’  information needs and citizen’s participation in the  definition, development, usage, and continuous improvement of public sector information services.
The implementation of the “ICT development strategy of Mongolia until 2010” has achieved limited results. These limitations are not surprising considering that the implementation was conducted without prior information demand evaluation research.

There is also a wide range of concerns regarding ICT deployment in the public sector:
•    Following efforts made in increasing information availability,  usage is found to be  very low  
•    Research findings from surveys about the information usage of employees and the information demand of citizens have not been satisfactorily utilized by government organizations
•    Up-to-date information technology has been only minimally applied in government organizations
•    Failure to determine how well information supply provided through different government sector channels is meeting the citizens’ and public servants needs.

Objectives. To assist the Mongolian public service sector to be responsive to public needs in order to optimize its provision of information about government services to citizens.

In order to attain the main objective, the following specific objectives will be explored:

•    To determine citizens’ information needs and level of satisfaction regarding the government’s provision of information about government services
•    To study ways of improving information services of government organizations to citizens
•    To document lessons learnt for refining existing practices and to develop a methodology for information needs assessment and information response procedures
•    To make policy recommendations  for  improving the public sector’s  provision of information about its services to citizens

Contact information for the Grant recipient organization is following:

Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia
Government House of Mongolia
Peace Avenue, Sukhbaatar district
Ulaanbaatar 12
Tel: (976)-11-322404, 261856
Fax: (976)-11-310011
E-mail: idrc@cabinet.gov.mn
Web: http://www.pmis.gov.mn/cabinet



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